Friends of Hope endeavors to keep sponsors and friends current on ministries. As our board members and teams report back and information arrives, updates are shared through the newsletter and emails.

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our mission:

Friends of Hope is a Christian non-profit organization based in the Midwest of the United States that supports compassionate ministries to the children in nations where poverty and destitute situations abound. Friends of Hope sponsors short-term mission trips that perform relief work through medical camps and prayer.

Partnering with Friends of Hope gives action to words by reaching out to the destitute children of the world. For many of them, Friends of Hope is the only difference between life and death. Not only does Friends of Hope clothe, feed, love, and care for the children, but through shared partnerships of caring people, boys and girls receive hope in this life and the next.



Hope for a future. hope for an education. hope for a life filled with the love of GOD!  

Give hope to those who need it most!

Hope for a future. Hope for an education.

Hope for a life filled with the love of God!


By one's regular, occasional, or one-time financial gift, individuals partner with Friends of Hope to improve the life of destitute boys and girls in various developing countries.

Will you pray for me?


By sponsoring a child for $35/month, you will be assigned a boy or girl in one of our eight residential homes. Each sponsor receives a profile of the child and a yearly picture and letter from the child.