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Hope Children's Home

The five acre campus has capacity for up to 130 children. There are two large dormitories - one for boys and one for girls - with separate bathroom facilities, a dining hall, chapel, director's residence, playground area, and various outbuildings all surrounded by a compound wall. The campus has electricity and clean drinking water from private wells.

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Happy Homes

The first facility, constructed in 2013, houses separate boy's and girl's wings each with bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, director's residence, and a large outdoor common area all surrounded by a compound wall. The campus provides the children an outdoor area to run and play. Electricity, a clean drinking water well, and internet access is utilized. 26 children live in a newly built home. 

​The second facility is an all boys home with bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, and director's residence. The 17 boys at this Happy Home are provided with food, clothing, and education.

​​Mercy Homes

The first Mercy Home is located in a three story building in a safe area where most buildings are owned by the banks and their employees reside there. The Mercy Home is housed on the second floor, while a Primary English Medium school is located on the first floor. The girls are allowed to play on the school playground facilities at night and on the weekends. During monsoon season, the area flooding affects the city greatly while the 2nd floor Mercy Home is protected.  The 10 girls at the Mercy Home, are provided food, clothing, education.

The second Mercy Home also provides a safe environment for girls who would otherwise be in danger of child trafficking. They are also provided with food, clothing, and education.